quarantine weight gain

Are you wondering how to lose the 15 quarantine pounds that you gained from staying at home? Continue reading to learn about some weight loss strategies that will help you shed those stubborn pounds.

We all sought refuge in our homes to prepare for the pandemic that struck in 2020. But, unfortunately, naivety led us to believe that we would wait for the pandemic to pass, then return to our normal lives.

Fast forward one year, and we still face the same battle, despite all the precautions and vaccinations.

Worse, you don’t know when the ordeal will end. Your optimism could be at risk. The whole lockdown/pandemic did more than affect your mind. It also affected your waistline, aka ‘quarantine fifteen.’ We gasp and look down, That was never here before the pandemic!”

It is no surprise that people invented the term quarantine to address this issue. You are less likely to eat healthy when you’re confined inside your home, with no outdoor activities and no food or pandemic supplies at your fingertips. The pandemic stress might have made it even more difficult to eat or drink.

You might notice that you are not as fit or agile now that the pandemic restriction has eased off. You might have become a meme from binging while you laughed at the quarantine 15 memes.

You can stop stress eating if you decide now is the right time. We have some weight-loss strategies to help you on your quest to lose quarantine 15. But, before you embark on your quest, take a look at this article.

How to Lose your Quarantine 15 with Dieting

Exercise might be the first thing you think about when you think about weight reduction. However, if you don’t have control over what you eat, any exercise for weight loss will not be effective. You can’t lose calories by exercising, but you can control your diet.

If you eat 2,000 calories per day and are trying to burn those 2,000 calories by exercising, you may never leave the gym. If you’re not a professional athlete, it is impossible, dangerous, and inhumane.

You won’t want to be physically exhausted, so it is better to control what you eat than exercise. Here are some easy strategies to lose the quarantine 15.

Take small steps

We set too high expectations and burn out quickly, which is why most of our weight loss efforts fail. Failure to meet this high standard can lead us to even more failure. We become demotivated and give up on our weight loss goals. It’s like a domino effect.

Pushing one small piece in the wrong direction can cause chaos and make your entire routine fall apart. However, this has the opposite benefit. When you move in the right direction, even a millimeter, all other positive aspects will be activated.

quarantine weight gain
quarantine weight gain

It is possible to make a huge difference in your weight loss results by understanding your limits and taking small steps towards achieving them. A gradual shift to weight reduction is more effective than drastic changes. For example, instead of cutting calories, you could try these first steps:

  • Increase the number of fluids in your body

  • Avoid processed foods

  • Get started preparing your lunch.

Encourage homemade meals

Making your food at home is a great way to control what you eat. Apart from the many benefits of homemade food, you also know exactly what is in your body. As you prepare your food, you form an emotional connection with it. This is more appealing to you than the frozen store-bought meals in your freezer.

You don’t have to be a chef if you don’t know much about cooking. To make a homemade meal for survival, you don’t need to be Guy Fieri.

These are some great tips to make your home cooking easy.

  • Simple recipes are easy to make

  • Make a list, and then shop for the ingredients that you require.

  • You can use the same basic ingredients for multiple recipes.

  • Make sure you have a variety of condiments and spices in your pantry. Spices can not only enhance the flavor of your meals, but they also aid in weight loss and metabolism.

Keep a food diary

Our eating habits are the most affected by the pandemic. Your 9-to-5 job becomes a full-time job due to the “work from home” practice. As a result, you may choose unhealthy snacks as a way to get some time off work and skip the effort of cooking a meal.

Scheduling a mealtime will ensure that you don’t overeat, undereat, or live on snacks all day. Here are some ways to plan a mealtime.

  • Eat breakfast within two hours of getting up.

  • After breakfast, schedule your lunchtime.

  • Eat dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed.

  • You should not leave more than 4 hours between meals. This will decrease the likelihood of you overeating at mealtimes.

quarantine weight gain

Intermittent Fasting is an option.

Intermittent Fasting refers to a meal plan that you can follow for the entire day or even week. The eating and fasting periods are two distinct parts of your day or week. You don’t have to restrict your water intake during the fasting period. However, you might have guessed that the fasting period must be longer than the eating time to have any impact on your body weight.

Intermittent Fasting doesn’t have to be restrictive, as you might think. You have full freedom to choose what foods you eat, but the restriction is your eating time. You have a limited window of time to eat, so you need to make the most of it.

You can do intermittent Fasting in many ways. However, thesee are some of the most common ways to divide your time between Fasting and eating.

The 16:8 Pattern or Lean Gains

This schedule allows you to fast for between 14-16 hours per day and then allow yourself to eat the rest of the time. You can, for example, limit your eating time to between 1 and 9 PM and fast the rest of the day.

The Fast Diet or the 5:2 Pattern

This Pattern allows you to fast for two days and then eat five days per week. This is more flexible than lean gain because you can consume 500 to 600 calories each day. Then, for the five remaining days, you can resume your normal eating habits.

The Eat Stop Eat Method

This method allows you to fast for 24 hours at a time, once or twice per week. You are not permitted to eat any food during this fasting period, unlike the 5:2 method.

Alternate Day Fasting

Alternate day fasting allows you to fast every other day. It’s possible to fast for 500-600 calories or complete Fasting. This is completely up to you.

The benefits of intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting offers the following benefits:

  • A reduction in calories automatically.

  • A change in hormone levels can promote weight loss.

  • A higher metabolic rate

  • There are fewer hassles in preparing additional meals during Fasting.

It might seem hard at first to survive without at least one of the three meals your body needs. Intermittent Fasting can be a good alternative to three meals per day. Your body is wired to eat that many meals per day.

A plant-based diet is a good option.

It might seem daunting for a carnivore to switch to veganism. However, it doesn’t have to be so scary once you get used to it. First, you don’t have to be a vegan. This way, you can still get animal protein from eggs and milk.

Weight loss can be as simple as switching to plant-based food, such as vegetables and grains, from the middle of your plate. Plant-based foods are high in fiber, packed with nutrients, and keep you fuller for longer than calorie-dense. These foods are great for anyone who wants to lose weight but not starve.

Say no to Liquor

Many adults have tried to forget about their pandemic worries by going to the liquor cabinet. If you’ve made it a practice to enjoy a glass of wine every evening during the pandemic, you should get rid of that habit.

quarantine weight gain

One, alcohol is empty calories. This means that it has no nutritional value beyond filling you with calories. They are just like solid fats and added sugar. They remain in your body as a reserve, increasing your waistline. Your body will crave more calories if you drink alcohol. This can throw your weight loss efforts into chaos. You must stop drinking if you want to lose that quarantine 15.

For a more relaxed outing, dress sensibly.

You might not have needed to leave your home during the pandemic, so you may not have been conscious of how you looked. Your outlook can be affected by how you dress. You won’t be motivated to go out, do light walking or get in a workout if you dress for home.

Don’t just lounge around in your sweats. Instead, dress appropriately so your brain knows you’re ready to leave the house if you choose. This will help you get out of a slump faster and allow you to take a break and enjoy some fresh air.

Get the most out of your commute time by exercising.

Do you ever wish you could accomplish more if you weren’t commuting so much? Finally, this pandemic grants your wish! This is your chance to make the most of your commute time that was never productive.

It can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an entire hour, depending on where you work. This is the perfect amount of time to fit some light exercise into your work-from-home schedule. You can still exercise even if you don’t own any gym equipment. These are some exercises you can try:

  • You can run up and down the stairs at a rapid pace several times. It is a great form of cardio.

  • Yoga at home? To keep yourself motivated, you can join an online yoga club.

  • You can exercise by using your body weight

  • Play with your children or pets

Get support if you need it.

Sometimes, we don’t have the willpower or drive to push ourselves in the right direction. Sometimes, a little outside support and encouragement can be all we need to get moving again. You might need outside support if you cannot find the drive within you to begin your weight loss journey.

You may need to consult an expert depending on your condition. These are some factors to consider before you contact the experts.

What is suitable for your living condition and lifestyle?

If you don’t live alone, your lifestyle and diet will be affected by the lives of the family members or housemates. It is more difficult to stick to a diet when there is a temptation to eat food that isn’t in your plan.

You can seek the support of your housemates to help you tackle this problem. You can also opt for meal delivery if you’re a busy parent who takes care of your family.

Do you prefer a one-on-one consultation or an app?

An app that tracks your progress or a diet plan can help you stay motivated to lose weight. However, some people may need extra motivation, and not just an automatic reminder, to stay on track.

You can also seek virtual support from experts in this situation. You might find the motivation you are looking for in joining a Weight Watchers group where other weight-loss dieters can assist you.

What type of support do you need?

A support group can be a great way to help you lose weight over the long term. Your family, friends, and even your online acquaintances can all be part of the support group.

quarantine weight gain

It might be more difficult for you to have that one-on-one support or practical assistance from your support group due to the pandemic. However, you can still communicate with your support group online, organize a healthy cooking class via a Zoom Call, or plan a socially distant walk with your neighbor.

The bottom line

It is difficult to maintain a consistent routine during stressful times. Stress can have a huge impact on our eating habits and appetite. Either you can give in to stress and eat your worries away, or you can fight back. The truth is that eating doesn’t reduce stress. Instead, it makes your worries worse as your waistline grows. The second option is to reduce stress and prevent weight gain. These tips will help you get back to the fit, agile, pre-pandemic self.

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