old school new body review
old school new body review

Are you looking for a reliable exercise method?

Do you need a consistent weight-loss method?

Well, I want to tell you more about that in my Old School New Body review.

After many years of trying all these new techniques:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Crossfit
  • HIIT

To name a few. I’m sure they work for millions of people, but they were not for me. Inevitably, I’d find myself injured, exhausted, or just uninterested.

One day, I stumbled into these exercise forums that recollected old-fashioned ways of exercising. Mainly, they were talking about strength and weight lifting. Again, I’m sure they’re cool, but they’re not for me.
Overall, they would talk about different traditional ways that people have been using to exercise for different ends.

  • Lose-weight

  • Gain strength

  • Be more flexible and agile

However, one of them caught my attention. Old School New Body was presented as a mix of a little bit of everything that would help me get a leaner body just as I am now.

Why did I like it?

old school new body review
old school new body review

The exercises are things you already know how to do, and you don’t need extra equipment. Also, the diet plans are old school as well, so no need to hunt for organic kale.

What the Old School New Body Is

This is a progressive program that focuses on your body to lose weight.

Now, don’t every program out there do that?

Well, I used to think so, but now I know they don’t…

For example, if you are following a CrossFit program, their focus is on their program. You are supposed to adapt your body so that it fits your mould. Moreover, you have to focus on their equipment, philosophy, etc.

Now, I’m not saying that isn’t good, but that was not for me.

With Old School New Body, the focus on working with your body to make it healthy and regain its natural balance.

  • Sleep

  • Diet

  • Exercise

Yes, you read it right. Even sleep is addressed here to help you lose weight. I wasn’t aware of how much it contributed to weight regulation.

In essence, if you don’t sleep well, you trigger a series of negative responses in your body. If this is chronic, some people can develop diabetes or even have heart attacks. Not many exercise programs address this; they want you to exercise.

It turns out that I have shift work, so I can’t choose my sleeping hours. However, here I learned how to maximize them and help my body.

The Brains behind the Program

old school new body review
old school new body review

Steve and Becky Holman developed the program.

Steve has been weight training for more than 30 years. He started at 15 years old and has been doing so to date. He is a renowned writer who has written more than twenty books and tens of articles about the topic.

Through his experience with himself and helping others, Steve has become an expert in teaching and training.

On the other hand, Becky had been fit her whole life, just by working out a little. However, in her thirties, she dropped the habit and rapidly became obese.

Afraid, she decided to do something about it, studied, changed her habits, and exercised again.

Through her experience, she learned how weight balance is more than calories in and calories out.

  • Hormonal responses affect your weight

  • Age can alter your hormonal responses

  • Certain food can change your hormonal rates with age

  • Sleeping and resting balance your hormonal levels

I mean, to name a few. Her experience was insightful, but she struggled to put it in words easily understood.

So, with the help of Steve, they created this fantastic system that focuses on you and your body.

Balancing Your Body

As you know, most weight-loss programs focus on exercise and food.

I mean, of course, we should pay attention to those things. However, they may not be the sole culprits of your weight issues. It’s also irresponsible to assume that things are like that.

It’s quite logical: you have an internal program, but you’re focusing on external things. For some, very few, it works. But for most of us, we may lose some pounds and gain them back with just the smallest break.

However, if you focus on what’s going on within, the process is different. Here’s how…

In essence, you don’t do things to lose weight; instead, you balance your body. Balancing your body will result in weight loss always.

Being overweight is excess in our body. However, because most of us have been like that all of our lives, our body gets used to that.

Rebooting can be difficult because our body feels threatened. It’s defending what it considers to be normal. That’s why we get all these cravings and don’t have the motivation to exercise.

However, programs like Old School New Body address this problem. They created a system that starts to reshape your brain responses. Little by little, your brain will begin to accept this new balance. Then, after acceptance, it will ask you for it.

  • Finally, your cravings get curved to meet a healthier standard.

  • It takes time, but it’s not impossible!

  • You don’t have to add more stress to your life.

The Design of the Program

As I mentioned, the ebook addresses lifestyle from a different perspective.

However, even if it’s different, it’s not new. In my opinion, these are things people before us knew, but they didn’t have the science to prove them.

So, with nutrition and sleep, you’ll be doing things that will aim for balance. Personally, sleeping was the easiest thing to reset, so I focused on that. If I ever had a setback on food, I’d keep my cool and continue with the diet in the next hours. However, with sleeping, I followed that religiously.

Now, with exercise, this is where it gets complicated.

Since the program aims to create endocrine responses, it’s focused on high-impact exercise. This means that you’ll be working out hard for a short period (not more than 30 minutes).

It’s easy to get carried away, but you need to respect your resting periods.

old school new body review
old school new body review

In essence, the program follows the Focus 4 Exercises protocol or FX4. It’s only four exercises that work on different parts of your body. These exercises are planned to work on your:

  • Insulin response

  • Serotonin and dopamine

  • Increase sleep response

  • Reduce stress

With that, you reduce your fat-storing hormones, reduce stress, which hurts your gut and bloats you, and you sleep better.

Final Verdict

  • Sometimes, what we need is a little more traditional.
  • First, the change I noticed in just some days was less bloated, and my weight started to redistribute.
  • I started to lose weight on my belly and man boobs, and it went to my forearms, shoulders, legs. Then, as weight loss became more visible, I didn’t look sick or flaccid. It all happened simultaneously.
  • Second, my relationships improved significantly.
  • Stress is unavoidable, but many things are causing you stress, and you can eliminate them. So, when my sleep improved, I was in a better mood, people noticed it, and I became more approachable.
  • It turns out that losing weight without going crazy is possible, and people react well to that.
  • In the end, to me, this was the perfect solution, and that’s why I recommend it.
  • Old School New Body was the best system for me to help me lose weight, look younger, and improve my life.
  • Getting a program that focuses on you is important! This is the one!


  • Get fit “on time!”
    Since the resting time between the sets is only a few seconds, you will take less time doing your workouts. You will save on time and be through with them fast.
  • Reactivate your metabolism.
    As you quickly move from one workout to another, your heart rate will always be high, which will help you burn more calories.
  • Build and tone muscle mass.
    This program is designed for speed and to help its users achieve the most they can get from it. This way, it will help you increase your muscle mass and help you tone it.
  • There is less risk of getting an injury.
    Working with extreme weight, which is hard for you to lift easily, makes you at risk of developing problems such as backache, injuring your joints, etc. In this program, you will be using a weight that you can manage and thus lower the risks.
  • Variety of exercises
    When you are not going for the workouts, you will be doing cardio exercises. These are exercises that will help improve your heart. They include simple exercises such as running, swimming, and cycling.
  • You get to customize your workouts.
    You will be provided with instructional details on how you can customize your workouts to suit your preferences.
  • Focus on joint pain.
    Unfortunately, joint pain afflicts most people who exercise. You’ll learn how to deal with it and how you can perform your workouts and exercises to reduce the risks of developing joint pain.
  • It is a versatile program.
    The workouts taught in this program can be used by anyone. Plus, they have designed to be done at home with the help of simple home gyms, or they can also be carried out in professional gyms.


  • It can be exhausting.
    You’ll do high impact exercises. This means you’ll work out a lot in a small period and then rest a lot. While this is very good, some people hate the feeling of struggling.
  • It focuses on health, not only on weight.
    You want results here; then you had better be patient. This program takes time to show results, but you will be impressed with what you see when it does.
old school new body review
old school new body review